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Sharing Experiences – Networking Tour 2024 Day 2

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Sharing Experiences – Networking Tour 2024 Day 2

My networking tours are all about getting to know people and sharing experiences. After an early-morning wander, I headed to the Winchester City Mill Café to meet these two lovely people!

Laura Massey is a fellow translator. We often work together to review/proofread each other’s translations and hadn’t yet met in person.

I got to know Katherine Ledger through the Espresso+ group. Katherine is a copywriter with a flair for storytelling, and we were also meeting for the first time.

A nice side-effect of meeting up with people in their local area is that they can recommend interesting places to visit. We had a delicious lunch at the mill café. Then Katherine and Laura left me to have a look at the historic building and the water wheel underneath.

Thanks so much, Laura and Katherine, for taking the time today. I really enjoyed getting to know you better.

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