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Do you also translate into German?

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Do you also translate into German?

The short answer: No, I don’t. I only translate from German into English.

I’ve been living in Germany for more than half my life now, and my German is of a near-native standard. I use it daily for work, and with friends and extended family here.

So I can understand that you might think I could also translate into German professionally.

But when it comes to writing, I have a much more intuitive feel for whether something sounds right and flows well when I’m writing in English. It comes more naturally and I can do it more quickly.

If you want to have your written material translated for a British English or international audience, let’s talk!

But if you want to have something translated from English into German, I would urge you to work with a professional translator whose mother tongue is German. I can recommend some good ones from my network, or I can put together a small project team if you require translations into both English and German and want the ease of only dealing with a single provider.