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Home » Book Talk with Lisa – Networking Tour 2024 Day 5

Book Talk with Lisa – Networking Tour 2024 Day 5

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Book Talk with Lisa – Networking Tour 2024 Day 5

I made it to Manchester! The second time worked like a charm, and my 8:33 train from London did actually leave at 8:33. This was quite a relief after all the cancellations yesterday. I was back on track (haha – on track!) for a bit of book talk with the wonderful Lisa de Caux.

The Wi-Fi on the train was even (mostly) good enough for me to listen in to our final “Happiness Mindset” session with Bettina Röhricht. It was a lovely course, and I thoroughly recommend it if Bettina offers it again.

Lisa welcomed me to her home, fed me delicious lentil and tomato soup and very sneakily tried to plant the idea of writing a book into my brain She clearly wants more books in the world! I’m not sure I want to write a book or what I would write about, and yet my mind keeps turning the idea over, holding it up to the light and looking at it from different directions.

Book talk is always good, but we shall see. We certainly had plenty to talk about in addition to that and spent a lot of time laughing.


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Book talk with Lisa. Image shows Jane Eggers and Lisa de Caux in front of a living-room window. They're both smiling at the camera.