Translator – Language Geek – Musician – Entrepreneur

Who I am? Right now I’m a person who’s finding it hard to write about herself. And as well as that I’m a language geek who loves fiddling around with words. I’m lucky enough to get to do that both in my job as a translator and in my free time when I write songs or haiku.

I’m also a musician, a lover of walks in the forest, a pedant and a professional. I enjoy a good deadline and I like being picky about details.

For fifteen years I was an in-house translator at a large German software company, and I now put that experience to good use in freelance IT projects, translating websites, white papers, documentation or marketing material.

In addition, I take pleasure in translating for solopreneurs of various sectors, making sure their personal brand shines as brightly in English as it does in German. As a solopreneur myself, I know how important it is for your passion and authentic voice to come across in your written communication.

My journey so far

At this point I’ve been in Germany for nearly half my life. I grew up in London, studied in York and have also lived in France and India.

As for qualifications, my initial degree was in French and Linguistic Science, and when life and love brought me to Germany I obtained the Diploma in German and then the Diploma in Translation (German to English) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists. I’m a member of the BDÜ (German Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association) and am currently working towards the College of Media and Publishing’s copywriting qualification.

What I’m up to now

I set up my own translation business in 2015 and love the freedom that it gives me.

Freedom to take on translation projects that I love, and freedom to network and collaborate with other translators and with solopreneurs from other sectors. At the beginning of 2017, for example, I was interviewed by Sarah Schäfer and Julia Meder (in German) for their eigenstimmig podcast, which led to a fun collaboration that all of us enjoy working on: Ersatzkekse.

On my Facebook page I offer all sorts of information about the English language, the chance to ask questions about grammar and usage and a regular “What-to-say Wednesday” slot with expressions for particular situations.

So if you’re passionate about your German texts and are looking for someone committed to making them shine in English, get in touch today.