It’s always important to work on your business as well as in your business, and lately I’ve been doing some concept work and making plans about where I want to take things in the next few years.

Having spent 15 years working as an in-house translator at a large software company, when I started my own translation business it was very natural to specialise in IT topics. Now I’d like to add another area of specialisation and turn my attention to sustainability.

I’ve worked on various translation projects in the area of sustainable fashion and green tech, and it’s something I’ve always been interested in personally. Now I’d like to learn more the subject at a policy level and would love to work more in that area. I’d like to find out not just I can do, but what individual countries are doing to promote sustainable development, what is being done in terms of international collaboration, and what can be done to encourage businesses to become more sustainable. It’s always exciting to be part of projects with clients who are passionate about changing the world and I’d like to expand my own knowledge in order to serve them better.

My first port of call was a Coursera course on the United Nation’s seventeen SDGs – or Sustainability Development Goals. Also known as Global Goals, they were adopted in 2015 and form an integrated approach to help find a balance between social, economic and environmental sustainability. I’ve just finished the second week of the course, and it’s an interesting introduction to the topic with a nice mix of videos and written material.

Stay tuned for more posts about sustainability, SDGs and my journey towards a fascinating new area of specialisation.