Now that we’re all in the middle of the corona lockdown, February seems a long time ago. But just a few weeks ago, thousands of musicians from around the world were coming to the end of the creative frenzy known as FAWM (February Album-Writing Month). I’ve been taking part in FAWM since 2011, and have written about it before.

FAWM is always fun and always surprises me. This year I ended up working more with other musicians, which was really fun.

One of the collaborations to come out of it was “Falling”, and the lyrics started from a random roll of a set of Story Cubes.

Kickstarting the creative process

The idea is that you roll the cubes to get a set of nine random words, and then use them as the basis for a song. It’s nice because it gives you something to start with. I find that my brain can deal with that. It’s a puzzle to work on: How can I can put these words together in some kind of rhyming format? Which is much easier than sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, trying to be inspired.

The words I rolled for this one were:

  • Lock/padlock
  • World/globe/earth
  • Credit card
  • Moon
  • Scales
  • Speech bubble (–> “telling stories”)
  • Hand
  • Parachute
  • Tepee

And here’s how they ended up fitting together:

Lyrics by Jane Eggers, Feb 2020

Company car and a credit card
Nice big house with a great green yard
But soon you’re heading for a fall
And when you do you’ll come down hard.

What do you do when your world turns black?
Weighed in the balance and found to lack?
Don’t doubt you’re heading for a fall
And when you do there’s no coming back.

Tell me moon, how d’you shine so bright?
Up there living on borrowed light?
A vantage point to see it all
But’s it not your job to put things right.

Locked in a pattern of fear and hate
Pulling the cord but it’s way too late
No-one answers when you call
You’re falling free, gonna meet your fate.

Take my hand and run in the breeze
We’ll build a tepee among the trees
Tell stories until darkness falls
Hold my hand till they come for me.
Hold my hand till they come for me.
Hold my hand till they Come. For. Me.

The magic of collaboration

I posted the lyrics on FAWM, and shortly afterwards they caught the eye of musician Ed Smaron, who asked if he could put them to music. So exciting! I’m delighted with how he brought my words to life. If you’d like to hear the demo version of the finished song, click here to get to Ed’s Soundcloud page.