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As mentioned in my last post, my February is always dedicated to songwriting, as I take part in FAWM – February Album-Writing Month – and try to write 14 songs in 28 days.
Although I got some lyrics written at the beginning of the month, life then got busy. I kept repeating the FAWM mantra, which is that any song that wasn’t there before February counts as a win!
On 27th February I had 6 sets of lyrics posted. And I’d accepted that that was going to be it for 2019.

Last-minute burst

Then on 28th February – the very last day of the challenge – I had a minor medical procedure in the morning and had to rest for a few hours. Well apparently that was the cue for my inspiration to get going again. I looked up all the challenges I’d signed up for at the beginning of the month, got some ideas for those, came up with a couple more ideas, somehow got in to the writing mindset and then… bingo! I got to 14 songs and the little FAWM trophy appeared on my profile.

What does FAWM have to do with translation?

To my mind, translating and songwriting are very similar. With both, you start with a set of ideas, or a story, and express them in accordance with a certain of parameters.

Translation isn’t about translating word-for-word, but about identifying the ideas expressed in the source text and expressing them within the framework given by the target language – in my case I take the ideas from a German source text and express them using the rules of the English language.

With songwriting it’s very similar. I have a story I want to tell, and I try to express it using a particular framework or set of parameters – in this case rhyming scheme, metre, etc.


A really fun part of FAWM is the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians. My friend Tammy Jann saw these lyrics of mine and felt moved to put them to music. I have to say it’s a wonderful feeling when someone breathes life into your words! The lyrics are below, or feel free to have a listen here.


Move On
by Jane Eggers and Tammy Jann
© 2019

I took you to the ocean, should have
Kept you close beside me, but I
Laughed at the horizon
And you slipped away.

I thought you were restricting, never
Should have tried to change you, now I
Realise how I need you
To remain close by.

It’s been half a year
Half a world apart.
Isn’t it time?
Shouldn’t I be moving on?
Isn’t it time
To stop denying
That you’re gone?
And move on.

Now I drone in dreamland, while you
Listen to the stories of a
California mermaid
Or a surfer girl.

I try to ring the changes but my
Bare hand still reminds me, and now
All I have are memories
Though they shine like gold.

It’s been half a year
Half a world apart.
Isn’t it time?
Shouldn’t I be moving on?
Isn’t it time
To stop denying
That you’re gone?
And move on

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