Have you met… Kirsty Major?

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How accessible is your website? I wasn’t planning to write another post just yet, but I’ve just seen that today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Which means that it’s the perfect time to launch my “Have you met…?” series and introduce you to the wonderful Kirsty Major. You might have heard me mention Kirsty before, as [...]

The pretzel principle: Tips for natural networking

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This was originally written for the Standing Out group on Facebook and was published there on 29th May 2015, five months after I set up my translation business. I just rediscovered the text and wanted to share it here too. Enjoy! ******************************************** When I left my corporate job to go freelance, I invited my colleagues to [...]

Virtual coffee break: Deepen connections and expand your network

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After a good conference or event I'm always motivated and full of new ideas. I like to make the most of that by going through what I've learned and thinking about how I can apply it to my work. And I make sure I follow up with contacts made at the event to get to know [...]

Blind business date – Networking with a twist

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Some ideas just seem to come together by themselves. That's how it was with the #BlindBusinessDate in the Lovely Business Ladies Facebook group. The idea came to me after I’d been mulling over the following thoughts: We’re now over 1000 women, but you only ever seem to hear from a small proportion of them. Not everyone [...]

My sustainability journey

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It’s always important to work on your business as well as in your business, and lately I’ve been doing some concept work and making plans about where I want to take things in the next few years. Having spent 15 years working as an in-house translator at a large software company, when I started my own [...]

How nine random words became a rock song

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Now that we’re all in the middle of the corona lockdown, February seems a long time ago. But just a few weeks ago, thousands of musicians from around the world were coming to the end of the creative frenzy known as FAWM (February Album-Writing Month). I’ve been taking part in FAWM since 2011, and have written [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Translation Project

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I thought it would be interesting to go a little bit behind the scenes and talk about how I work on a translation, using the example of one of my current projects, the journaling handbook, “WortWerk”, by Gabriele Andler. Of course it starts with a client making contact; in this case Gabriele sends me a mail. [...]

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