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Say it with… arms

By |2021-07-05T08:25:20+02:0004. July 2021|Categories: Idioms, Say it with..., Shiny English|

Here are some English expressions using 'arms'! One of them - 'to be in up in arms' - is cheating slightly, as it's not really about 'arms' the parts of the body, but 'arms' in the sense of weapons. Originally, being 'up in arms' about something meant being so angry that you had your your [...]

Say it with… skin

By |2021-05-31T10:24:34+02:0028. May 2021|Categories: Idioms, Say it with..., Shiny English|

Today's idioms all have to do with skin, sometimes in combination with other body parts (teeth, nose) or as a metaphor for the whole body, an emotional reaction or even your life. How many of these did you already know, and can you think of any more? Let me know in the comments! [...]

PC4R – Small Steps to Success

By |2021-07-02T10:50:15+02:0016. April 2021|Categories: Behind the Scenes|

It’s Friday again! And Friday is conga day. At least it is for the members of the Phone Credit for Refugees (PC4R) Facebook group, who come together to have fun, chat, join in the virtual dancing, share a GIF or two… while raising money to provide mobile phone credit for refugees. The idea is that once [...]

What the Circular Economy Isn’t

By |2021-04-01T16:38:49+02:0029. March 2021|Categories: Behind the Scenes, Sustainability|

It’s now week three of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s ‘Inside the Circular Economy’ programme and I'm having a great time. Each week there’s a webinar on the Wednesday and a follow-up session on the Friday. And in between there’s a whole lot going on in the Slack group. I’m learning more about what the circular economy [...]

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